Brain-friendly Publications

About Brain-friendly Publications

Brain Friendly Publications - materials to help students and teachers learn languages, particularly learning English. This means correct and clear use of grammar and vocabulary in communication.

High on the agenda is giving confidence in reaching the set language target and enjoyment on the way. All the lessons tell you what you are about to learn. The teaching notes help to make the teacher's job easy by saying how we suggest you do it though there are many variations and possible deviations to take and make it your lesson. A large variety of learning steps are used and something memorable is discussed on the way.

Each Brain Friendly Publications lesson tries to include:

By all this a more effective linking of the different systems in the brain achieves improved transfer from short-term to long-term memory. Our products are designed to maximise this link advantage; we call them Brain Friendly.

Users can be from any of the following education areas:

Brain Friendly Publications believe that you will enjoy using our products, retain more than you expect and learn fast. Each lesson is kept very simple to ensure learners retain a correct grammar use on which to build and experiment.

The materials are designed for maximum learning, maximum motivation and enjoyment, and minimum stress.

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